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Original Art

Welcome to my originals page. Thes paintings are part of my series “Magnificent Animals of the Superior National Forest” and they are the best in my 43 years of painting. With each of these paintings I want to portray the subject be it Black Bear, Moose or Wolf in a way that has not been seen before.  My first order of business is to paint the various habitats ofthe Superior National Forest with great accuracy, the trees, plants and geology because it is such a unique place and of such rare beauty.

But just as important to me is to portray each animal in a way that brings out a bit of its personality, capturing a moment of whimsey, mystery or humor. Each painting relates to a story and is meant to evoke an emotional response, inviting the viewer to contemplate.

All of the paintings are oil on gessoboard. People are generally surprised when they find out I paint in oil and not acrylic. Oil is really a far superior medium and in Europe the great masters painted with oil. Some of these paintings being hundreds of years old and still displaying the brilliance of color. An oil painting will not only last a lifetime but for generations to come.

My paintings are finished with the finest conservation varnish available providing protection from UV rays, water and airborneparticles.

If you like what you see and are interested, let me suggest that you look at the painting in person. Computer images are adequate but in no way can translate the brilliance of an original oil painting. You can make an appointment for personal viewing. Otherwise I am doing art shows during the spring, summer, and fall which provide a way to see the painting in natural daylight.